> How does it work?
After going through the necessary safety check, you have to run forward two or three steps on a gentile hillside... and you`ll glide above volcanoes, fields and the ocean feeling free as an eagle! Let your dreams come true and live through an unforgettable experience!

> Age limit?
There is no age limit but children must have a parental consent

> Weight?
For Paragliding:  Your weight should be between 40 kg (80 Pounds) and 100 kg (220 Pounds)

For Hanggliding:  maximum 80 Kg

> Healths?
For your own safety it is important to inform us about circulatory problems, pregnancy, dizziness or other discomfort. Otherwise you don`t need to have special conditional requirements or technical skills.

> What to bring?
Wearing hiking shoes, seasonal clothing and sunglasses is recommended.


Paragliding basic  (exp 30 minutes) :                                     99.-

Paraglider thermal flight  (exp  45-60 minutes):                 139.-

Hanggliding  exp. 30 minutes:                                               159.-

Photos and Film (optional) with the GoPro:                           20.-

Our team contents professional pilots with international flight licence and many years of experience.

Your flight will be with us unforgettable. For more infos or booking just call us a send a message per Whatsapp!

Tel:          0034666103425

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